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Back and biceps : Dwayne Johnson's favourite workout

Here's a back and biceps workout which is probably one of the most famous biceps&back workout because of its efficiency and  Yeah, because It's really the routine which The DWAYNE JOHNSON(The Rock) really performs on his back & biceps day. But before you hurry to try it, I would like to tell you something for your kind information that You must perform these ✊ super workouts with absolute dedication and a with an intensity on it

This statement "Rome wasn't built in a day" works everywhere. In fitness & bodybuilding, its the must. Here, you must workout hard, give your full dedication, and work with patience to end up being successful bodybuilder.
For today's topic, lets firstly talk about the bigger muscle "Back muscle". Back muscles is very large muscle group which consists of () muscles(i.e.  Traps, Lats, )

. Therefore, having large volume its asks for better quality of workouts and  exhaust. THE ROCK has stated once, "If you are not walking out of your gym completely exhausted on the back day, then you aren't going hard enough ".
SAME THING also works on the biceps. And. While hitting those biceps, you mist hit some muscles inside it (brachialis, brachii, brachioradialis )

Also you should remember a fact of bodybuilding that "You have to focus on the contraction and quality of the contraction, not how heavy you are pulling". This is a fact which you must take in your mind which going to the gym on the back and biceps day.

So guyz, lets finally go toward the main content of the article. But remember something that when you are doing rows, lat pulldowns and the likes, you must put the work on backs rather than the biceps or rear delts. This mistake of yours would ruin all of your performance and dedication of the day. #No_improvement_on_the_back would happen.
So here we will start by hitting those massive back muscles, then we will go towards the "sets of biceps".

(Note:- We've tried to explain about the workout's basic by giving our best. But if you didn't understand the basics, we will put the link for instructions for every workouts,  at the end of this article. )

 14/12/10 Reps

The reason why we do it on the starting is because it serves as the pre-exhaustion for later-on exercises.
While doing you must focus on the thing that your arms aren't straight, but having slight angle every time.

12/10/8 Reps
+(DROPSET:- 8-10Reps)

10 Reps

While doing it ,you should put your hand grip slightly wider than your shoulder width but not too much wide because it would put pressure on you biceps rather than the backs.
Shoulder  back and chest opened.

10 reps each

We prefer doing underarm rather than over-arm because when we do it under arm, we will get to attract our elbows more naturally rather than what it is in over arm. Make sure to keep tight flat back

12/10/8 Reps
+ (DROPSET of 10 reps)*

Make sure you put your shoulders toward back the whole time. You should get good sqeeze on each rep. You shouldn't keep your back flat. Whenever you pull, you should pull from elbow which gives you complete sqeeze

12 Reps

A rack pulls gives beneficial portion of the deadlifts. So, rack pulls are more preffered rather than the deadlifts because it is a perfect finisher and give us more benefits on back muscle.

10/10/8/6 Reps(PER ARM)

You might me wondering why we do biceps after the back. So its because Your biceps are getting indirect works from all the back work, by the time we get to the biceps they are already warm and ready to go.


10 reps each




In this particular exercise, we don't have any fixed numbers of reps to do. Just catch the heavy dumbell, do as much reps as you can. Take the rest of 1.5 minutes and continue the csme thing with lighter dumbbell. Repeat this process once again. Therefore, it would end up as a perfect finisher for the day.

We hope that you beleive in us and try this routine once. You will surely fall in love with this routine


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