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workouts for women's abs

reverse crunches
Abs workout, Abs workout for women

Are you one of those who loves fitness? You also beleive in health is wealth? If you also appreciate giving time to workout Then you are in the perfect site in the internet. We provide you every best instructions to help to progress on physicality.

In case of female/women, the fitness and strength has very high importance. They have to go through a lots of obstacles on life. Therefore, every female/women should pay proper attention on their fitness and their physicality.

While talking about fitness of a person, we can say, core/abdominals is the focus point and should not be underestimated. So, for acknowledging you all about SOME BEST WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN'S ABS I have decided to prepare this article.
Usually, Many peoples assume than every  workout of men's abs work on women's abs. But that's just. a myth because every basic thing about the male & Female abs are different. Taking from muscular formation to diet required. So, I would like to prevent you women's from trying the male's workout. So, As one of the things of that topic I would like to contribute, So that you would get some help with this list below.
All of these workouts target every core muscles (i.e. upper abdominals, lower abdominals, middle abdominals and obliques )


PRONE OBLIQUES ROLL:- This time,  let's start our list in a different way. Lets talk about an  oblique workout first.
Set:- 2
Reps :- 15

prone oblique roll

How To:- Get in a position as shown above. ( shins should be about hip-width apart on a stability ball and your hand should be shoulder-width apart on the floor. As shown in FIG:(A) )
prone oblique roll

From the position A, draw your right knee toward your right shoulder. Again back up to position A. Again, draw your left knee towards left shoulder. Then back to position A. All this is a said as one (1) rep. Do it again. (AS SHOWN IN FIG.(B) )
Here's the link of a video which shows you exactly how it is done:- CLICKHERE



Sets:- 3
Reps:- 20
reverse crunches

How to:- 
    Lie on the floor as shown in figure A( Either put you arm straight facing downwards or put then behind you head as shown. Your thinghs should be perpendicular to back and calves must be parallel to back *perpendicular to thighs* )

    Then, Raise your legs off the floor. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, lift your hips off the floor and pull your knees towards your face/chest while not moving your upper body.
    Lower your hips to the floor but not quite touching the floor. 
    This whole manuever is said as a rep.  Do it for 20 reps.



Sets:- 3
Reps :- 20/25
How to:-  Lie on your back having your arms behind you. Take a dumbbell ideal for you. Extend you leg slightly above the floor/mat. ( As shown in the figure (A) )
arm pullover straight leg crunches
 Bring your arms over your chest. Then, slowly lift your shoulders off the mat while raising your legs until they're perpendicular to the floor ( As shown in the figure (B). )
Again get on the position as in figure A. That's 1 rep. Repeat the process again for 20 reps. 

Targets:- upper back, abs, and hips 



Sets:- 2
Reps:- 15/20

lying leg lifts

How to:- For  those who are having bad time because of lower fats, It is the most ideal workout. It is also a workout with easy basics but hard to do be done which it's done perfectly. Its basics are quiet different to be described. CLICK HERE for the perfect leg raise tutorial.
TARGETS:- mainly lower abs.


So, we would hope that you would give a try to the workouts above. If you do with a proper form, you will surely reach your goal.
                       YOURS FAITHFULLY
                    SUSHANT RANABHAT


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