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9 best ways to boost testosterone level naturally

When a man has lower testosterone then he might experience symptoms including lower sex drives, lack of energy, depression, moodiness, weight gain, thinner bones, Sparse Body hair, low self esteem. If you have some of this symptom,  don't panic. First of all, Have a blood test done at doctor's office. If it is turns out that the production of the hormone is getting lower then there are some of there are some recommendations that will help you to increase testoterone production.

10 best ways to boost Testosterone Naturally 
1. Try weight lifting and exercising

As you know exercising regularly can avoid you from many diseases connected a sedentary lifestyle.

It was proved in a research that peoples who do  exercises regularly have better testosterone secration rather than those who live sendetary life.

But, not just anytype of exercises work for this purpose. Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press and pull-ups are all great. In short, exercises based on different multiple movements are…

Best Trap Workout for fast and easy improvement

What's good guyz! It's SUSHANT RANABHAT from
Today, I am gonna show you three exercises to build bigger shoulders.
Lets start off this workout. Exercise no.1 for building those big traps is DUMBBELL SHRUGS.
Now, i am gonna take you to all of my top 3 exercises and tell you why i do each specific one and why i  find it is so important for building bigger and support traps.

1. Dumbbell shrugs
Sets:- 3
Reps:- 12-20

First off is dumbbell shrugs.

Why to do:- The reason I and almost every trainers prefer DUMBBELL SHRUGS for building big traps is because it is a very standard and basic movement. We should always go to basics. So here we are, starting through the basic and gonna follow up with harder movements it second and third movements which is slightly more fancy.

How to :- You should have your shoulders to my side, hand to your side and elbows facing backwards. Now, pull your shoulder and put your feet slightly forward. What it does is it fix your …

7 signs that You are overtraining without even knowing that.

Some people don't beleive that over training is real but scientific result tells a whole of a different story, Overtraining is real and its bad. I know it specially i have suffered from overtraining a couple of times already. Some of the time it was more obvious because i was training 2-3 hours each day. While led to  torn biceps also some of the times, it wasn't obvious.
The fact is that You absolutely need to push yourself to see results from your workouts because  undertraining is very real aswell, and may be more commen than over-training. When you don't push yourself enough while working out, and you don't progressively overload  a higher training volume over time, the level of stress you are putting into your body is just not enough to improve your body. The sweet spot for seeing result is quiet between undertraining and over training. But if you cross that line, you might be working harder than ever but might not be seeing improvements. You'll be slowing d…

A high volume workout for bigger chest muscles

Working the chest muscle is very important. Especially for mens, having those big, bulky and strong chest is very important to look good and healthy. Therefore, it is the muscle Every trainer tells you to work on, from the starting days. For you information, chest comes upon push muscle, which means we can work out chest muscles with exercises having push move.

As you can know from the title of this article, It is gonna be a high volume workout with a lots of reps and a lots of sets.

The best workout for BIGGER CHEST
1. Barbell Bench Press
Reps:-15, 12, 10, 8

Keep you pinky finger aligned with the wrists. Take a deep breath and rack the weight. As the bar gets close enough to the chest, forcefully exhale pushing it all the way back up. We are gonna start with a lots of reps and then keep decreasing along with every sets (15, 12, 10, 8) progressively by increasing the weight So that you get good combination  of muscular endurance and strength. When you are bench pressing, al…

5 Easy tips to gain muscle fast

MusMuAs you all have known, having big muscles is a big deal specially for those who are genetically skinny. But every lock in this world has a key. Gaining muscle mass also has some keys. They are, Food, Workout, Rest, Recovery and consistency. We decided to prepare this article just you get some information to you all about how we can gain weights. I hope you would read the whole article (for your sake). 

5 Easy tips to Gain muscle fast

1. Food Nutrition is the most important tool that you use to put size on your body. A common mistake is that, if you lift heavy weight You are naturally gonna build bigger muscles. Many people(mostly   girls) think like "I don't wanna lift heavy because I don't wanna be big". That's false, because until you don't eat enough, you are nowhere gonna be big enough.
Which brings up a question that how much you should be eating. In order to find that out, you should first know that each person differs in case of foods consuming and…

How to train your Biceps and Forearms? Here's a list of top 3 workouts.

In this article, I present you three movement /exercises you should put on your workout to build biceps and forearms. 

You need to understand something that everytime you are holding something, whether it is dumbbell or a bar, your forearms are getting worked. And anytime your biceps are working, your forearms are working as well. So, you should focus on spending more time working on your biceps then your forearms. 
Note:- after every sets you can take rest of 2 minutes. 
3 Best workouts for biceps and shoulders
1. Incline dumbbell chest press Sets:- 3 Reps:-12-15
The first movement we are gonna do is a incline dumbbell chest press. What you wanna do is, incline your bench to 45 degree. And from this position, you wanna let your arms swing back. Now, whatever position they land in. You are gonna hold that position right at that shoulder joint. Now, take 1 seconds to curl those dumbbells up(keeping the palms up). Take 3 seconds to lower the weight (always keeping the palms faced up). As …

Top 8 Healthy and Budget Foods To Gain Weight Fast

If you are the guy on your group then you gotta be relative a lots of things skinny peoples have to go through. Being skinny isn't a easy, it is equally worse as being fat/ obese.

being a skinny guy kill your confidence and self-esteem. Even I was a skinny guy in my schools/colleges. I had gone through a lot of disgraceful thing. And Yeah, all that is so embarrassing . Everyone thinks you are weak because of your skinnyness. Having big muscles is always the dream of skinnies.
. Therefore, i have decided to prepare this article of 10 most healthy foods for weight gain So that you don't have to face all problems for future. And Yeah, It is also beneficial for your confidence. Just checkout this list and try and get availability of as much foods as you can Out of this list.

Top 8 Healthy and Budget Foods To Gain Weight Fast
1. Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are one of the most calorie dense foods which can come on anyone's budget.
If you are upto gaining weight than …