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5 Easy tips to gain muscle fast

MusMuAs you all have known, having big muscles is a big deal specially for those who are genetically skinny. But every lock in this world has a key. Gaining muscle mass also has some keys. They are, Food, Workout, Rest, Recovery and consistency. We decided to prepare this article just you get some information to you all about how we can gain weights. I hope you would read the whole article (for your sake). 
Gain muscle mass

5 Easy tips to Gain muscle fast

1. Food

Nutrition is the most important tool that you use to put size on your body. A common mistake is that, if you lift heavy weight You are naturally gonna build bigger muscles. Many people(mostly   girls) think like "I don't wanna lift heavy because I don't wanna be big". That's false, because until you don't eat enough, you are nowhere gonna be big enough.
muscle mass
Which brings up a question that how much you should be eating. In order to find that out, you should first know that each person differs in case of foods consuming and bodybuilding aims. The easiest way to find how much you should eat is by Tracking your foods. Either with an app or simple on a notebook. Simple, you track the calories and macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) & with simple maths, you can calculate what works best for you to acheive the physique you want.

2. WEIGHTS(or lifting heavier)
How does lifting weight enters the equation of gaining weight? The thing is that eating and lifting has quiet a close relationships. While lifting weight damages the muscle fibers, incorporating proper nutrients help to repair and grow as you increase the amount of stress on muscles. So, it's is kind of like a dance /duet damaging muscles fibres and coorpotating proper nutrition can hep repair and grow them. Missing anyone of them would lead to minimal growth.

muscle gain tips

3. Rest(Eat, Sleep, Lift and repeat)
So your nutritions are workouts are on fire but you are still strugging to put on size, lets loosen the informational grip. The muscle takes time to build and in that time the rest you take, your muscle will naturally go through many biological processes that help in growth which helps in getting bigger. Sleep is the best form of being relaxed. So, we should make sure we get good sleep.


Huss! Little muscles don't you worry
Sleeps gonna build you in a hurry
If your muscles don't build strong
You must be doing something wrong

4. Recovery
You must be thinking in yourself, "Hey isn't recovery and rest the same thing? "
Rest is rest, in this case we are talking about recovery, which is actively doing certain tasks or techniques to help better your body. A few examples are:- Mobility, Stretching, Miofash release and One of our favourites THE ICE BATH. So recovery is vital to help to keep those muscles, ligaments, joints healthy. So that way You can lift heavier weight daily.
muscle recovery
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5. Consistency
Last but not the least, it is gonna be Consistency. It is gonna take time get result but don't lose your faith like a looser . We don't result in just an hour of workout or a day. If you aren't consistent with your eating, workout, rest and recovery you are never gonna see the major progress you  normally could. Your body is a biological machine, you have control over it. So take your time, dedication and build upto you get the badass physiqueas you want.

So get out and make your self bigger better and most importantly, buffer. 


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