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Discover 5 Hidden Reasons A Dumbbell Workout Is Superior For Total Body Transformation!

Are you using you dumbbell to its maximum potential? 
There can be only one possible reason you are reading this page. You want to learn how to use dumbbells to build a fit, strong, eye pleasing body. You want to perform better, feel great and look your best because of dumbbell training. If I’m right, keep reading!

I’m about to reveal the top 5 reasons you need to use dumbbell training to its full potential to completely transform your body. After reading this, you’ll know why dumbbells should be your first choice for building a strong, lean, athletic body that looks great!

So let’s begin.
1. Did you know there is a phenomenon called the “bilateral deficit” which allows you to recruit more muscle and lift more weight with one limb? Being able to use heavier weights and recruit more muscle means BIGGER, STRONGER MUSCLES!
Here is a simple example of the bilateral deficit phenomena. Let’s say a trainee can lift 50 pounds during a single-arm dumbbell curl. Most probably this trainee cannot li…

6 Helpful Workout Tips for Beginners Who Want to Get Fit

August 3rd, 2017  Sushant

Even if you are full of enthusiam to get in shape, it can easily go away after you stumble upon dozens of various articles and start feeling overwhelmed with all this information. Telling facts from fiction can also be complicated, so relax and utilize only the basic tips without going in to deep. It’s significant you start your workouts off the right track, so that you won’t feel lost and make a great progress in the future.

Starting off with a new way of living is always complex. Especially, if it is a healthy/fit way.

So, we have prepared this articles to make you more comfortable catching up with that new and amazing way of living.

Following are the 6 Helpful Workout Tips for Beginners Who Want to Get Fit:- #1 Make Gym Your Habit It’s considered that it takes 3 weeks for an average person to take up any habit. Once you started going to the gym, you should be consistent enough to let this habit stick to you. Make sure you are always free on the days you p…

What muscle group to work-on together? Workout routine for men and women

Training particular group of muscles in a specific day is a crucial thing to get improvements in bodybuilding and fitness. By doing this we can get better outcome in less time. Split training is best for peoples who are aiming to train specific muscle. This is ideal for the peoples aiming to bulk up. And the best part of split workout is that it is less exhausting compared to full body workout.

It doesn't mean that non-split or full body workouts are bad. It can be beneficial for those who are in a aim to build strength or to lose fat.
It also creates a better hormonal response. But, the thing is that, it is best for peoples who can't get enough time  3 times a week.

The most preferred form of split workout all over the world has been the 3 day split. In this split, the muscles of body has been divided into 3 specific group also know as push muscles, pull muscles and leg muscles. The best way to implement this split is by performing it in a week whilst, hitting push muscles o…

Arnold tells secret of his Gaint Chest | Arnold Chest Workout | 2019

Everyone who is intrested in bodybuilding know Arnold. And how his chest was at his golden era. We interviewed him and asked him how he got such massive chest muscles. This is what he said.

Arnold said, "I think that the Three chest exercises/ movements that I have ever done from the first day of my training to the end of it is: bench press, incline press (in different levels. So, i started from low then medium and high weight scale) and the third one is flies.

I mean, to me the fly was the exercise that gave me full pectoral development. Because, I went all the way down (in almost hitting the ground) and I was a big beleiver in expanding chest as much as possible and giving that stretch because remember, with muscles to get bigger chest, all you need is to get the stretch and the flex.

 So for me, going all the way out with the dumbbells (as far as you can to get the stretch ). Then come in, remember to Have the dumbbells touched to get the best quality of flex. And then going …