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Do a perfect push up. (Proper Form) | push ups workout |

PUSH UP :- Push up is legitimately the most popular exercises in this whole world and also one of the easiest. 
 The main reason for this fame is surely its efficiency and also it's  characteristic that it can be performed both as bodyweight exercise and also a free-weight exercise. It means that you can either do it in your home or go to gym, put on some weights on back or, use a weight vest and just turn on the beast mode. 
 The push up has multiple variations we will talk about that in later in this article ofcourse but, in this tutorial we are gonna teach you how to do the standard/regular push ups. 
Now lets dive right into the topic:- How to do a perfect push up?  ▶ Firstly get into a prone position as shown in the figure(A) which is also called front leaning rest position(bent position) in militaries.

Rules while being in a prone position
Your back, butt and heels must be collinear to each other and the same rule must be followed throughout the movement. Your hands must be i…

Abs workout for women: Get flatter stomach in 9 weeks

Workout introduction:-
Hey Viewers! my name is Sushant Ranabhat and i have prepared a proper set of abs workout for women which could be the ideal result for your question, How to get abs? It is just that we are just gonna talk about the workout in this article.

For further information regarding the subject of getting visible abs, click here:- A proper diet for belly fat lossFoods to prohibit and best abs exercises.

So let's talk some more about this workout, this is also a great lower ab workout which means that it will surely help you get rid of those lower abdominal fat and possibly  get you visible lower abs which is absolutely the hardest obstacle on your road to getting a visible Six pack.

This workout might stand out as a great abs workouts for the beginners as it is a beginner-friendly workout. With following six pack workout, you can get a great looking six pack in just 9 weeks and it is guarantee of ours. But remember something that you have to have a proper diet inta…