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4 best workouts for shoulders for looking bigger.

Working on your shoulder is something you should never neglect cause that is what is gonna give your upper body, the broad look. It makes you look bigger. Working shoulder is equally important to both Mens and women's.
Specially for newbies, Working on your shoulder would be the most motivating thing in your journey because shoulder growth  the most visible one. You can see a huge difference in just a month of working on your shoulders.

 It might sound unfair and also impractical  to start working on shoulders without knowing about muscles which build yiur shoulder up. We should first acknowledge ourselves about the muscles which make up your shoulder muscles.

What muscles make up your shoulder?

Your shoulder is made up of two muscle groups: Extrinsic muscles [it originates from torso and directly attaches to your shoulder bones(Trapezius, latissimus dorsi, Rhomboids, levator Scapulae )] and intrinsic muscles [ origintes at scapula/clavicles & attaches to humerous ( Teras m…