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Did you know There's an app that pays you to get fit? Sweatcoin review

Sweatcoin review: You earn Money from Your IPhone/Android Phone by being fit/healthy.

Yeah! You heard it right. I am  Sushant Ranabhat from and in this blogpost (or as you say, Article) i am gonnna discuss about an application (you can find it on both app store and playstore). I am gonna Show you how the app fully works and how you can cash out your money or even buy purchase available things.

However, I have been using the sweatcoin app for over a year now, and i feel like I have gained enough experience to deliver a fully analysis comprehensive of it.

So, sweatcoin is an app that essentially rewards for walking outdoor. By collecting your step count from your phone’s pedometer and comparing it with your GPS location, they can verify your steps using their  algorithm. This allows them to convert them into sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin app, sweatcoin review

This is an application review for search engine but for me, this is an article or a platform in which i am gonna introduce you with an ios/android application which pays you for something you regularly do for free.

The best part about this app is that you don't need internet/ mobile data. Just turn on your GPS and it's done.

How to install sweatcoin app? 

》Installing sweatcoin app is a very easy thing.
》First click on this link:- Sweatcoin download link
》Or you can also Search on your appstore or playstore's search bar and install the application.
》There you go! Sweatcoin app is installed.

How to use sweat coin app? 

》Now that you have installed the application. The sweatcoin app is going to ask you to put on your username. (remember to turn on your GPS LOCATION.)
Then, after some of initial registration process, you will get to the main interface where your application has started running.

In the sense, That it tracks general movements. So, you earn points by walking and those points can be redeemed for prizes in the sweatcoin store. It is preety simple.

So, when you open the app for the very first time, they will ask you for your name, phone number, and e-mail address. You do get e-mail may  be on a monthly basis but as far as I know, you will not use your phone number (not mentioning your initial phone number confirmation). Now, let's talks more specifically about different pages:-

Daile Progression Page

Now assuming you have registered with sweatcoin successfully, now you will get into what i call the daily progress page. Here you can see how much steps you have walked the day and how much points you have earnt.

It is surely  0 if you just signed.
If you have already signed in, then you might have noticed that your steps of the day and points earnt isn't always equal. That is because the app doesn't count indoor steps as point. This system is made so that peoples don't fake by just shaking the phone.

So, let's continue talking about pages. One the same page (which i call daily progression page) you can see a transparent info button. If you click it, you can see more detailed outline of how the coins are converted.

The another button on daily progression page is Battery icon, you are given the option to lower the app's battery usage and exchange for less accurate step tracking.
But, i prefer you to keep the battery saver off cause it hardly uses your battery already but make sure to never force quit the app. It might cost you some coins when you walk around. You basically have to remember to keep the app running in the back ground and don't turn on battery saver unless you really need to save the battery.

Profile page:

Now, let's talk about another page. In your profile page you can increase the maximum amount of coin you can earn in a day by choosing from different subscription packages. These should be paid in monthly basis with sweatcoin themselves( not actually your money).

So, it is the best part that there are no microtransactions in this app that could limit your progress and really the only limit is your level up activity in the role world.

Personally, i recommend upgrading to the preceeding packages that you think you will be able to hit consistantly because if you can't hit the daily consistently them it is just a lot of wasted potential that you are gonna pay for.

Balance page:-

The balance page is preety self explanatory. But, this a page where you can send coin to other peoples. All you need is their username which you can find on top of their profile.

Offer Page

And lastly, we have the Offers Page. Which is undoubtedly the most interesting one. Not only you think so, most of the rotating offers (offers for today) up on top are pretty terrible.

Specially the ones that are common coupon codes or free trial but not actual free products. But once in a while you will find a gem on this offer, but for the most part, these offers are never worth it.

So, this sounds pretty  bad so far but where the real potential lies is in the big prizes if you scroll down below.
This is where, you need a good amount of coins to withdraw 1000 or even 10000 dollars of worth paypal or amazon credit. You might think it is impossible to get this many points as shown in the picture above or you don't know much peoples to combine with. But,  the problem can be solved with the help of reddit. The sweatcoin sub-reddit contains tons of fellow sweatcoin users who are willing to pull together to get good prizes.

 And ofcourse you can find other forums or other communities online that will do the same thing. That is your best option for getting rewards.

In Summary,  Sweatcoin uses the concept of step tracking with custom made currency. Motivating peoples to be more active and actually looking forward to roaming outside for once. It's good for that reason. The prizes that they offer re seriously lacking unless you band together with friends, families or even random peoples on the internet to get the rewards that are actually worth it. I did that and i was able to get some free spending money for doing virtually nothing.

Sweatcoin: How do they earn money?

》According to the application development team, the app itself makes all it's money through advertising brands that are behind that are behind the redeemable offers. So, you don't need  to worry about sweetcoin selling your location data to third parties for profit.

  They contact with different brands, products and which they think their users would love as a feature in the marketplace. And after conversations with the brand they seal the deal Where the brand accept to pay for it.

Now you might be having the question in your head:

Why would the brands pay sewatcoin for being featured in their marketplace? 

》The reason is very clear in marketing point of view. It's to connect with peoples like us. The marketplace is fully setted by taking us in mind.
You can know more about this on their official website.

Sweatcoin referral Program:-

To be added

Sweatcoin Team:-
Oleg Co-CEO, product
Anton Co-CEO, Business
Ranbir, Growth
Egoe CTO
Alyosha  Backend 
Lurii Backend 
Nick Mobile Lead   
Ilya Mobile
Farkhad iOs
Chirana iOs
Mikhail Android
Andret  QA
Dan Data Scientist 
Vlad DevOps 
Konstantin Designer 
Lev UX 
Jack Customer Success
Richa Support 
Luisa Marketplace
Dylan  Marketplace
Kat Marketplace
Max Marketplace
Krishna Marketplace 
Matt Video

So, that's about all i had for the sweatcoin review. On the conclusion to the review, i would like to throw my personal tips /recommendations. If you don't actually get useful things on your daily offerwall then you should ignore that.
But, what i actually prefer is to work with other pepples on reddit or facebook and cash out on your paypal.

 Please share it to your friends and families and tie up with the to earn some extra $100 every month.
Please let me know if you know about other apps that pays you for being healthy. Don't forget to subscribe to our site  with your email.
Hopefully i will see you in the other article.

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